It's All About Arts - Guest Info

email if you are interested in being a guest or know someone who would like to be a guest or call Glenn at 617-543-7443

The show is a great way to promote yourself! And best of all its free and lots of fun.

"It's All About Arts", A one-hour live interview style BNN TV 9 show dedicated to promoting and educating in the world of art. Taped every Monday evening from 6-7 p.m. (except holidays). We have been on-air since August 1997.

Glenn Williams

Arrival 530PM- Studio B 2nd floor

(Please don't be late. The show is filmed live)

Show 6-700PM


To show pictures on the air - bring 6-7 images and or video on a thumb drive with you the night of your appearance

On street or in lot across the street from studio - free

BNN-TV 9 Studio, 3025 Washington Street, Roxbury, MA 02119 - Egleston Square - Click here for map

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring guests?
Yes, moral support is always helpful. We have a sitting area outside the studio. Please try to keep your guests at a minimum. There are often other shows and guests in the facility.

What if I arrive late?
There is a chance that we wouldn't be able to accommodate you as once the show begin taping, there is no opportunity to stop or explain the format. Please allow plenty of time to arrive and park.

Are there restrictions on what I can say on this LIVE BNN TV program?
You cannot host a lottery or giveaway. Also, remember it is live so clean language is a must. Please don't swear. Also, no sexual content or nudity is permitted. If you have artwork that has nudity, please consult with us before bringing artwork to the show.

What should I wear?
Wear something professional or relevant to your art related activity. Avoid solid pure white, solid black, solid dark blue, and clothing with small patterns (EX avoid jackets with small checks or ties with small stripes), and anything too shinny. Use minimal jewelry especially on your wrists and fingers, as they will make noise when you sit at the BNN TV 9 Studio Set Desk. Also, eyeglasses can be problematic with the glare of the lights. Wear contacts if possible or your glasses can be tilted slightly to avoid the glare. If you wear a scarf, make sure your microphone is not placed under it. Also, avoid turtlenecks unless accompanied by a jacket. The microphone must be attached just below your chin for optimal use. Turtlenecks are far more difficult to place a microphone on. V-neck or shirts with a jacket are preferable. You will be shown only from your waist up so shoes, pants, and skirts are not a concern.

Should I wear makeup?
Women should wear natural makeup. It is advisable to apply a decent amount of powder to reduce the shine. Men don't need to wear makeup.

Can my friends call in to ask me questions live?
Yes we encourage people to call in. Have friends watch the show live on Mondays at 600-700PM. At any given time, preferable soon after you have begun being interviewed, they can call into the show at 617-709-3269. If you have your calls blocked, press *82 before dialing the number in order to get through. Phone calls are almost always aired as it makes the LIVE TV portion come alive! Encouraging friends to call into the show will add an interesting angle to the show. Our audience is not typically the "Call In" type so planted calls are encouraged.

What if you ask me something embarrassing?
It rarely happens but we ask each guest to let us know if there are questions that you would like us NOT to ask you. Some examples are a recent death so you wouldn't want to talk about your family, Prices of your products, or anything else that you feel is inappropriate or sensitive. Please let us know before the show. Your request will be kept confidential.

When is the show broadcasted?
Each show is broadcast 3 times weekly; Mon 6pm-7pm, Wednesday 10am-11am  Saturday 9pm-10pm. This station (Boston Cable 9) is only available to Boston residents, not the suburbs.

How Long will I be actually featured on the show?
Each guest spot is approximately 10 minutes long. However you will in the studio for the full 1.5 hours for the preparations, instructions, set up and taping.

What is the show format?
Each show we do is different because of the wide variety of guests and any last minute changes. The entire format is "talk show" format (i.e. Regis & Kathy Lee format). The show starts with both hosts (Glenn & Carol ) discussing past week's activities and upcoming events. Then we switch to guest 1 interview. Then we switch to guest 2 interview. After all guests have been featured, both show hosts close the show together discussing the upcoming guest schedule. The studio managers and producers together decide the guest order that evening. We have interns at the studio to help direct you when your on air time arrives, to help you bring an instrument or artwork to the interview area of the studio, and to answer basic questions about the program.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my show date?
We start planning the show the week before the show date and need to know of any cancellations NO LATER THAN 5 days before the show. We expect no guests to cancel unless an emergency as we pre-promote your appearance weeks in advance and viewers will be confused if you don't appear when promoted to appear.

Should I promote my appearance on the show?
Yes! Contact your local paper and let them know you have been selected from hundreds of artists to appear on a top Boston Access Cable Television show. Our show has featured top names such as MTV featured band, Beverage, Mayor Menino, World Boxing Champ, Richie LaMontage, and organizations such as the Boston Ballet and the Boston Globe Jazz & Blues Festival and the Arts Festival of Boston. We can provide a quote to your local paper about our excitement and the reasons you were selected to be featured on our show that highlights 100 artists annually!

Live Music
All live performances need to be discussed with Glenn Williams

Did you know that are set up time is less then 10 minutes total for all guests?

Did you know that we can feature up to a 6 person performing musical group (acoustic only) but can only interview up to 2 people? Draw straws!