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It’s All About Arts Show Team

Glenn Williams, Founder & Host - BIO

Suzanne Shultz Co-Host
Owner Canvas Fine Arts

Janice Williams, Executive Producer and Co-Host- BIO

Rebecca Williams, The Fabulous One, Guest Host and Co-Producer

Curtis Henderson, General Manager, BNN

It's All About Arts


BNN TV 9 "It's All About Arts", founded in 1997, is a leading publicly funded local arts television show that has featured over 1000 guests and currently is in its 14th successful season. This 1 hour show is taped live at award winning BNN TV’s Boston studio and rebroadcast additional times weekly The show is hosted by arts advocate and educator Glenn Williams and co-hosted by international art promoter and marketing guru Suzanne Schultz. The mission is to educate viewers of all ages and enabling aspiring artists about the power and beauty of the world of arts.

Time Line

1997-Oct Show founded by Glenn Williams & Janice Williams
1998-July First web page created on www.artfulgift.com
1998-Nov Partnered with Innovative Moves Real Estate For Sponsorship
1998-Dec Entered new studio and went to hour format
1999-Sept Started featuring 2 Guests Per Show (100 annually)
1999-Dec Diana La Vigne Added as Co-Host & Executive Producer
2000-Aug Launch of annual program "Celebrate India" in conjunction with India Day at the Hatch Shell
2000-June Developed Internship Program
2001-Jan Hosted 1st Annual Kick Off Event (for the 4th season) at Union Oyster House
2001-May Partnered with Museums Boston Magazine For Advertising Campaign
2001-April Weekly Art Dujour email newsletter created to announce weekly guests
2001-Aug Started featuring 3 Guests Per Show (150 annually)
2002-Jan Announced New Cultural Programming (Asian Art, African American Art, and Native American Art)
2002-March Launched New Web Site www.itsallaboutarts.com
2002-March Hosted 2nd Annual Season Kick Off Event at Dreams of Freedom Museum
2003-April Established the It's All About Arts Center in Roslindale, MA
2005 - June Mr Curt named Associate Producer
2007 - September Carol O’Connor named Co-Host
2008 - March Suzanne Schultz named Associate Producer
2008 - November BNN-TV moves to it’s new location
2010 May Suzanne Schultz named Co - Host